APRIL 11 – 21, 2018

  • HiiiPoWeR”: A word evolved by the rapper Kendrick Lamar.

  • HiiiPOWEREd : the critical task of the Arts & Humanities within hip hop’s multimodal Educative realm of the Cypher.

  • CYPHER: popularized by hip hop culture, a like-minded informal gathering of a diverse group to share, build, and refine skill, ingenuity, and goals - to represent! Numerically marked by the number 0 = 360°



The 2018 HiiiPOWEREd CYPHER, a Hip Hop Expo and Arts and Humanities experience born at Lehigh University - co-curated by Profs. Kashi Johnson and Monica R. Miller - is a grant-funded initiative supported by the prestigious LU National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant awarded to Africana Studies, “Black Publics/Lived Experience: Africana Studies and the Public Humanities at Lehigh University.” On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Prof. Johnson’s iconic public-facing Hip Hop Theatre course at Lehigh University, ‘Act Like You Know’ the inaugural HiiiPOWEREd CYPHER marks this historic moment of celebrating 10 years of Hip Hop at Lehigh University, through a nine day Expo, grounded in the Five Foundational Elements of Hip Hop for the 21st Century. The Expo aims to seamlessly integrate world-renowned artists, scholars, practitioners, educators, students, administrators, public partners and the surrounding community, into a variety of unique, public humanities and arts-based Hip Hop cyphers including moderated public discussions and lectures, networking possibilities, activities in the surrounding community, Hip Hop theatre performances, a interactive DJ workshop, live graffiti mural installation, and much more!